Crazy Cats

Okay new mental note. Never EVER leave the cats in the room while eating Clam Chowder.  It took me several moments to get Zeus (9 weeks old) to go away so I could even begin to eat my chowder.  As I neared the end of the bowl, I looked away for one moment, suddenly Lestat (nine years old, solid black) has his nose in my bowl…upon seeing this, Zeus darts across me and tries to take his shot at the bowl as well!

One thought on “Crazy Cats

  1. We used to have a black cat that sat on the table and ate half my dinner right off the damned plate back before my wife turned into a vegetarian and still served meat. Pork chops and chicken, hate both with a passion. I would cut them up and push them over to the far side of the plate. The cat would jump up on the table and I would start growling at him. He would put his head real low and just barely move toward the plate. I would keep growling but the cat would eventually get to the plate and slowly eat while I growled at him. I could get rid of half my chicken or pork chop that way. Very cool cat. We have two black cats now, and I love both of them but they are nothing like our old cat. He would jump up on the hot oven door trying to get to a roast. Raaaaaallll! Stick his head in the hot frying pan. Set his tail on fire numerous times. A real slave to his belly. My wife had to watch like a hawk when she was cooking. He was something of a PIA, yet really a fun cat.

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