So my daughter says to me about her son…

Daughter:  Here you go, I have a present for you (hands me the baby)

Me:  Ah, a wet present.  Thanks!

Daughter:  Really? Again?  He’s awfully adventurous with that penis of his.  And I don’t mean in a sexual way

Me:  Well I would think not

Daughter:  Well, I don’t know, he’s already been in bed with a man and a woman

Me:  Other than mom and dad, I take it?

Daughter:  Yep!

Me:  your roommate and?

Daughter:  Nope, I mean others his age, (roommate’s daughter and their friend’s son).  He likes the best of both worlds!

Startled Awake!

Startled awake! Again the voice awakens him from a dreamless sleep. Where is it coming from? It’s beautiful…this heavenloy voice that replaces his dreams, every night for months now. The sound of heartache makes his heart bleed. What could it be? Why is it tormenting his sleep?

He seems to remember teh voice crying his name in loving adoration through harmonies no human could ever achieve. In his state of half-sleep, he can focus in on it more clearly it seems. Love songs too beautiful to repeat. Why? Someone is in love with him it seems, but who?

Crying, suddenly, for the first time, he hears it, “Logan…” Instantly he awakens. “…I love you.” It’s still there! How can he still hear it while he is awake? “How I long for you.” He’s not crazy after all! It really exists…sweet confirmation. Wait…there is a tiny light by him on the bed. “I am weak from loving you.” What could it be? He looks closer.

She looks up. There he is. Oh no! He’s seen her! She tries to hide, but she cannot find the energy. Her true love has found her, but too late. “Forbidden love, it cannot be. Our hearts aligned, not meant to be.”

He picks her up. She’s beautiful! He knows he’s loved her since he first heard her voice. He touches her wing with his finger. Runs his finger through her hair. “I love you too.” She closes her eyes and smiles. “Goodbye.” And the light goes out.