Midnight Ramblings – What do Indie Writers Need?

I woke up early for the route and I’m just awake.  I’m actually feeling much better!  Anyhow, I have so much to do and I can’t decide which project to work on, so here I am.

I actually started to read my current novel, but the first thing I read was a flashback, then the chapter ended with “What was happening to me?” and the new chapter bounced back to current day with no transition.  This stuff never bothered me before.  I’d just happily read and enjoy a story.  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I suppose my skill level must be increasing or I wouldn’t notice, but dangit, I want so badly to enjoy this story because it’s a really cute idea. *Sigh*  I wonder how this author has so many books out with all the inconsistencies I’ve read so far in this series. I’m in the middle of book 2 of 4.  Maybe she got better with subsequent books.  Maybe she finally got an editor.

This brings me back to my new project. I’d really like to offer some services for indie writers.  Granted I’m no content editor, but I can definitely do some editing on things like lack of transitions and inconsistencies. I’ve studied enough over the past year to probably complete my MFA twice over.  At the very least, I could be proofreader/beta reader and offer a few other services. I have a domain and hosting for the website already and I’m kicking around some ideas.  I’ve even got a few sites open on how to start a non-profit organization. I’d love some feedback as to what Indie writers need.

I wish my fairy godmother would just whisper in my ear what it is she’s guiding me to do with this.  I know the gods are leading me in this direction, I just can’t seem to get a clear picture on the answer.  So I kick and scream and tell them “Hey, I’m stupid here, you have to spell it out for me!”  I’m still waiting for that, but it’s getting closer.

If I had the right connections, I’d just jump right in and become an agent because I’m passionate about helping new authors make their way, but I don’t have those connections and I wouldn’t want to lead anyone down the wrong path.  I think if my idea pans out as I hope it does, agents will be knocking at my door, hoping for crumbs.  I wish I could truly pinpoint exactly what I need…

Help Universe!  I still need direction.



PS I know this is probably scattered, but what else would midnight ramblings be?  No editing desired LOL

Foiled High Speed Chase? Maybe…

Exciting paper route this morning. Just as we were getting started, we started hearing sirens. Then more and more sirens and even more sirens. I’ve never heard so many in my life. Suddenly, they were right behind me, at least six sets of flashing lights, so I pulled over and saw in my rear view mirror a car behind me and in front of the lights pulled off the road into a field. Apparently when he saw me in front of him and all the cops behind him, he decided he would be better off on foot. Never saw a chase before. Wonder if they caught him.

I think he thought we were cops so he decided being on foot might be a better option.  Anyhow we called the paper today to make sure they knew so I can check for an article tonight.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be in the paper.  If so, I’m keeping the paper from our last night on the route for posterity.

Lazy Week – Getting Back on Track

Everything has been so busy with finals and working two jobs and then the holidays, I’m just beat!  I’m being totally lazy this week, and I’m finally starting to recharge.  I spent most of the last three days in bed, resting.  I think I’m getting back on track today. Definitely heading that way, at least.

The new Writing Excuses is out, so I listened to that while I was working.  Today was about how to nail your ending.  A friend had recently had the very problem they mentioned in the podcast.  Basically, it’s  when you get to the end and everyone is scattered about and you’re not sure how to make them succeed.  They gave great pointers in how to avoid this situation and how to get past it.

Mary’s suggestion sticks out to me the most.  She said if you’re stuck and the only way to get to the end is with a Deus Ex Machina, go ahead and write that. Then go back and fix it when you edit.  Put that gun in the room, or the knife in the car, or whatever it would take to get you what you need for the ending to work without that lovely little trick at the end.

The writing prompt today was kinda funny too. Maybe I’ll do that one day…


Reference: Writing Excuses 6.30: Help! I Can’t End My Book!

100 word story challenge

Limebird writers posted a 100-word story challenge.  I decided to accept this challenge last night and the story is posted on their forum on the challenge board.  I thought I’d also share mine here:


There was once a knife in a gift shop with a dragon handle, but no edge on his blade. The dragon was very sad because his blade had never been sharpened. He just knew nobody would ever buy him in his current state. At night he cried from loneliness thinking he’d be on the display forever.

Months passed and the dragon lost hope. His friends had all found new homes. Finally a woman fell in love with the dragon and brought him home for her husband. He displays the knife proudly on a shelf with its sharp new edge gleaming brightly.


Thanks Limebird Writers!

Should I use KDP Select?

Well this may be a bit late, but it’s been on my mind a lot and I thought I’d comment on it.  The TOS for KDP Select is here.


I think few authors realize that there are so many limitations to this KDP Select, blinded by dollar $igns.

The Pros:

  • Yes, you get put in a pool with all other KDP Select users and Amazon will market your book for you.
  • You’ll get your share of the $500k (or whatever their monthly budget is) after each month, depending on your sales per capita.
  • You can promote your book for up to 5 days within the 90 day period in which you are committed to KDP Select.
  • Your book will be available in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

The Cons:

  • Amazon has EXCLUSIVE rights to your book/story during the 90 days you are committed.  That means you can’t sell it anywhere else or even post it on your own blog.
  • Amazon will automatically renew your commitment at the end of each 90 day session, so if you aren’t careful you may be committed for a very long time period.
  • Your book will be available in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Program where all Kindle owners can access it for free.  (I listed this in pro and con because yes, there is more visibility, but also you don’t get paid for any of those views.)
  • If you should per chance make a mistake and thing you’ve opted out of the KDP Select program, then post your book elsewhere, or even forget to pull it from everywhere it’s available, then Amazon no longer owes you any of the Royalties from the monthly pot and may take out any previously paid royalties out of future royalties, via a lien.

“Your Commitment. Your commitment to these terms and conditions is important, and the benefits we provide to you as part of this option are conditioned on your following through on your commitments. If you un-publish your Digital Book, we will remove it from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, but you must continue to comply with these commitments, including exclusivity, through the remainder of the Digital Book’s then-current 90-day period of participation in KDP Select. If you don’t comply with these KDP Select terms and conditions, we will not owe you Royalties for that Digital Book earned through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Program, and we may offset any of those Royalties that were previously paid against future Royalties, or require you to remit them to us. We may also withhold your Royalty payments on all your Digital Books for a period of up to 90 days while we investigate. This doesn’t limit other remedies we have, such as prohibiting your future participation in KDP Select or KDP generally.”

Amazon already reserves the right to end your agreement and stop selling your products without any reason at all, and they allow 7 full days for refunds…which is plenty of time to read a book completely and then just go back for your refund after you’ve read it.  That’s a bit excessive in my opinion. There should at least be some kind of limit as to how many times you can do this in a year.

As a buyer, and not yet a published author, I can see why this refund policy is good.  You may not realize you clicked on something until you have checked your email several days later. But as one who hopes to be published, and a friend to several published authors on amazon, I can see how authors are seriously in jeopardy on this point.  Okay I’m off topic here, but I feel it’s relevant that you know the full story about Amazon’s policy before you publish with them.  My author friend posted not long ago about a friend of hers who’d had $50 in sales on her book, only to get to payday and find that her check was only $5 or thereabouts.  When she questioned Amazon, she was told it was due to returns.  That’s a REALLY high percentage of returns.

Amazon wants to corner the market on e-publishing, but they don’t seem to want to take care of their main source very well.  They are taking advantage of their authors in a bad way. One would think they would treat their bread and butter better.  Maybe they think they are doing writers a favor, and in a way, they are, but as yet, they aren’t the only ones out there, and while they sell more e-books than anyone else, that may not remain the case if they continue to take advantage of their suppliers.

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. My holidays are a bit quiet this year, but that’s not always a bad thing.  It is taking some getting used to, but I’ve learned to like quiet over these past months.
I am still working on the book; however I will be slower to post for some personal reasons I am happy to share with you … well, almost.

Festive Christmas Tree by the Fireplace


For one thing, I’ve decided to do some more informative posts for now. I really want to share my path and what I learn along the way as a writer.  I will continue to post my book, but I may only post a chapter a month or so, and hopefully by the time we finish the posts, I will be ready to publish.


The other news I will hint at but not share completely yet. I’ve decided to use my skills and degree for a certain business venture that I hope to reveal here very soon.  I need to get my ducks in a row, verify market and startup costs involved before I can announce the project.This is very near and dear to me, and I think you will really love it.  I hope so!


Meanwhile, have a wonderful holiday season!  I’m getting ready to go get a peppermint latte and go look at Christmas lights!  Tell me what your favorite holiday tradition is!