Lazy Week – Getting Back on Track

Everything has been so busy with finals and working two jobs and then the holidays, I’m just beat!  I’m being totally lazy this week, and I’m finally starting to recharge.  I spent most of the last three days in bed, resting.  I think I’m getting back on track today. Definitely heading that way, at least.

The new Writing Excuses is out, so I listened to that while I was working.  Today was about how to nail your ending.  A friend had recently had the very problem they mentioned in the podcast.  Basically, it’s  when you get to the end and everyone is scattered about and you’re not sure how to make them succeed.  They gave great pointers in how to avoid this situation and how to get past it.

Mary’s suggestion sticks out to me the most.  She said if you’re stuck and the only way to get to the end is with a Deus Ex Machina, go ahead and write that. Then go back and fix it when you edit.  Put that gun in the room, or the knife in the car, or whatever it would take to get you what you need for the ending to work without that lovely little trick at the end.

The writing prompt today was kinda funny too. Maybe I’ll do that one day…


Reference: Writing Excuses 6.30: Help! I Can’t End My Book!