Foiled High Speed Chase? Maybe…

Exciting paper route this morning. Just as we were getting started, we started hearing sirens. Then more and more sirens and even more sirens. I’ve never heard so many in my life. Suddenly, they were right behind me, at least six sets of flashing lights, so I pulled over and saw in my rear view mirror a car behind me and in front of the lights pulled off the road into a field. Apparently when he saw me in front of him and all the cops behind him, he decided he would be better off on foot. Never saw a chase before. Wonder if they caught him.

I think he thought we were cops so he decided being on foot might be a better option.  Anyhow we called the paper today to make sure they knew so I can check for an article tonight.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be in the paper.  If so, I’m keeping the paper from our last night on the route for posterity.

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