Insanity Reigns Supreme is ‘One Lovely Blog!’

The Limebird Writers have been gracious enough to award Insanity Reigns Supreme with the ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award!!

How amazingly sweet!  I’m very honored and pleased to accept this award.  The only rule I’m aware of is that any award should be passed on, so here are a few of my favorite blogs, other than the Limebirds, of course:

Edward Lorn: The End is Coming


The Graveyard Press

Ducante Originals

Dave Farmer: Writer, Blogger, Noobcake!

Kim Harrison’s Drama

Congratulations Winners!

PS There may be some unusual, or even scary content in these blogs, so peruse at your own risk.


10 thoughts on “Insanity Reigns Supreme is ‘One Lovely Blog!’

  1. Congratulations and salutations! I just started following your blog, but it is very informative and entertaining. Thank you for posting your nominations for the award. This will give me some other potential blogs to follow.
    I wanted to ask your advice on something, and you don’t need to feel obligated to answer it here in the comments section of your blog. An email or whatever you feel like doing is fine.
    I am a beginning self publisher and I wonder if you might have any recommendations for me. I’ve begun writing my own blog about my struggles and successes through the process, and I have bedeviled all of my social network contacts with posts about my first publication. I’m reading all that I can about how to more effectively use keywords and categories to get more traffic and I am working on better cover designs for future publications I already have in the works. What else should I do to empower myself for eventual success?

    1. First of all, thank you!!! I’m new too, and I haven’t actually published on Amazon yet, but I have studied a LOT about it and I think I could help you. Limebird Writers have several posts about social media and publishing that I highly recommend. I have linked one post from LimebirdSally via LimebirdBeth. There are several others, so it’s best to look around a bit. That should help you with the keywords you inquired about.

      I think you have a great idea for your blog. Build your platform (group of followers) while you are writing. It’s really hard to sell to anyone, amazon readers, smashwords, even traditional publishers, without a name. I have a few more recommendations. Find me on FB and we can talk about it more.

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