Crystal Blue

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The Eagle soars as Eagles do
‘Neath a sky of Crystal Blue,
And the Wolf whose mournful howls
Are no match for feral growls
Oh the Kitties how they pounce
How they tumble, how they bounce,
See the Ravens crow and dither
As they fly both yon and hither.
All of these can e’er be found
If you only look around.

3 thoughts on “Crystal Blue

  1. Wow, that is a great surprise. I love it. I have pictures of eagles from Saturday and the red shouldered hawk. I’m getting into birds. That is a great picture. Can I copy the poem?
    I ordered new business cards two different styles, one for right brained spiritual people and one for concrete, left brainers.

  2. I guess I did that wrong. Wow. How great is that. I love it. Can I copy the poem and give you credit?
    Ordered two sets of business cards, one set cool colors for right brained spiritual people and the other warm for concrete left brained people.
    Keep writing Raven.
    I’m reading Women Who Run With the Wolves.

  3. 🙂 I’m so glad you like it! Yes, of course you can use it!! I thought it would go great on your site!

    Really interesting about the eagles. It was a picture of an eagle that inspired this!!

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