Moving soon, I hope—SO tired

I have my own domain now.  After it’s up, I’ll double post everything for a month or two, but then this site will retire, probably.

I’m so tired from staring at a computer screen all day for work and then all night for homework (read all my classwork tonight for one week and part of last week’s too…Yes, I was late).  My eyes and head …and well my whole body hurts from Fibromyalgia.  The weather front moving in has me barely able to move, so instead of writing tonight I’m going to post my journal entry for last night:

Can't we all just get along??

Class today—well it sucked.  Apparently even gadgets on a desk piss off the professor, whether using them or not.  LOVE being treated like I’m 2. NOT!!  Ah well…the next class has a great professor, but I feel clueless on some things while my much younger classmates seem to already know everything. MAN I feel OLD!!  Remind me again WHY I’m in school…anybody?

I’m beginning to see it as little more than a roadblock to my writing.  Unfortunately, there are financial reasons why I really need to stay in, so stay in I will.

Besides…what if I can’t make it?  What if I never make a career in writing?  I read an article the other day that showed how a certain company is making it all but impossible for new authors to gain success.  Sure they can publish, but without a name, who’s going to buy your work?

Basically, either you already have it or you never will.  It doesn’t bode well for my reams for the future.  I really hope that article is wrong.  OR–I hope I’m the exception (long with some close friends).  I’d really LOVE more time to write and develop a fan base–even meet fans.  Besides, my day job is slowly killing me.  I really need to get out if IT!  I know…how did I go from IT to writing? That, my friends, was a very LONG journey.

Maybe someday I’ll share a bit of it.  But not today—

What are you looking for?  What are your dreams? I would love to hear them!




PS if anyone knows who the picture creds belong to, please let me know. I saved it years ago. Thanks bunches!

8 thoughts on “Moving soon, I hope—SO tired

  1. First of all, huge hugs and I’m in awe of how much you manage to achieve no matter how many set-backs you have to overcome (I had to look up fibromyalgia – yoiks!). Keep on following your dreams.

    I’ve dreamed of being a writer ever since I was a child and I realised I was particularly good at English. It followed through as an insecure teen and wanting to cling onto something that might stand me apart; and on into adulthood where my objective was always to be earning a living from writing by the time I started a family. I had my little girl last year…and no, I’m not earning a living from writing, so it’s definitely a change of plan for me!

    But the way I deal with it is to make sure I continue building my professional career and love my job so even if I often begrudge the time it takes from my writing, I do what I can to develop in my role and create new professional challenges for myself. That way I can’t lose. I still hold on to the writing dream, but I make sure I’m fulfilled professionally too.

    I also ran the marathon a couple of years ago – not a dream as such, just something I decided on the spur of the moment watching the highlights on the previous year. This was great as a ‘side-dream’ because it was difficult and something I had to work hard on, but it was mostly in my control to succeed. I think things like this are important – no matter how hard you work on your writing getting a publishing deal does rely on chance and luck, but I liked having something difficult that relied solely on me.

    I also still harbour a dream of mastering Chopin’s revolutionary and first Ballade; and Listz’s Petrarch sonnets on piano – probably a case of dream on, on that one!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  2. AWW Sally you are so sweet! Thank you. FM is something I just live with. I don’t have setbacks, I have challenges that make me stronger! 😀

    I’d love to know what you do for a living! I once loved my job, but it’s changed and it’s frustrating now. Nobody in my department is happy, but it IS getting better, so here’s hoping that continues.

    Running a marathon is an amazing feat! And that you could do it rather spur of the moment is incredible!!!

    Congratulations on having a wonderful baby girl, sweetie. i have an amazing 20 yr old daughter (or she will be in a few days) and 11 and 14 yo sons, and they are such joys! Now I get to enjoy a wonderful grandson too. They are such a blessing. I understand how it changes your dream, but that makes it more worthwhile!!

    The piano is totally achievable, but maybe you should focus on writing LOL. Interesting that you have musical interests too though. I LOVE to sing. My pipe dream is to perform one day with Meatloaf. Haha I can dream on with you 😉

    Your dream of writing is older and more developed than mine. You have a goal and a wonderful talent and I have no doubt you’ll find your niche! Keep doing what you’re doing. Build your platform and you’ll make it!!!

    Have you thought about trying a different direction in your writing for a bit, maybe? Write an ebook with advice or maybe do some professional writing (i.e. company websites, ghostwriting, etc)? I’ve been thinking about looking into that path when I get time. Meanwhile, the blogs keep me busy and I keep having random stories pop in my head while I’m editing what I have of Pandora … Had to take a break on that and get a new perspective. I’m not sure I like what I have, so I thought stopping to edit might give me a new direction.

    Thanks so much for the comment, and it was an amazing story! It started my day off with a bang!! (Yep! I gots to sleep in today!! hehe)


    1. Oh I entered the marathon on the spur of the moment – the training took eight tough months!

      Kate’s right about the networking. I only just discovered Klout and your score is definitely something to aim for!

      1. AHA! LOL That does make more sense. But way to go! A marathon is something most people can never do. I find it extremely impressive.

        Klout is an interesting tool. I’m not sure I quite understand it yet, but it does give me an idea of how much time it takes to have such a score. I was up to 64 at one time, but I was constantly on there reading, clicking links, etc. I can’t maintain that by any means! Building that up is hard to do on your own. I highly recommend following @kimgarst for some great advice, and then limebirdbeth’s posts on SEO ( are really good too.

  3. Hi Raven,

    You have a lot going on. Things will settle down eventually. How much longer do you have of school? Remind me again what you’re studying? Obviously, something to do with writing, but I was wondering if it was more specific than English Lit? Is it your MFA? Or BA?

    As you well know, I struggle daily with insurmountable tasks and responsibilities that mainly have nothing to do with me. This makes me grumpy because even though I get a couple of hours to myself to write, it’s not as much time as I’d love.

    To make a living as a writer would be the ultimate wouldn’t it? Then, you could spend a typical 8-hour work day doing only what you love.

    That day will come. This work leading up to it is necessary. And don’t bog yourself down with the questions about who’s going to buy your work. I think by networking the way you do gives you a leg up on the publication front. You’re putting yourself out there so that when your book does come out, you’ll have already laid the groundwork.

    You know that I know it can be done; and you know that I know that you can do it. So there. 😉

    1. 4amWriter,

      Like you, I stay busy if I can, but in my case it’s by choice instead of outside stimulus. I have many reasons behind that, but the main one is that I miss my kids so much.

      Right now I have an AA and I just started part time in an attempt at a BA in English. After that, yes I hope either an MFA or MLS (Library Science) if I’m not just too plain tired. I get burned out a lot more easily now than I used to, but I love school!

      Oh yes!! I would totally love to be a full time writer!! I’m working on building up that platform and trying to finish up something that I can market. Right now it looks like I will be focusing on a group collaboration and possible anthology to introduce the writers in the group. I’m so excited!!

      Thanks bunches for the encouragement. I’m heading to your blog now to do some catching up! I’m eager to see what else you’re working on!!

      Hey, did you ever hear anything more from your agent-bite? Hehe, that sounds more like an affliction, but you know what I mean!

  4. I have read some of your work. I think you have a talent. The going will be tough but don’t write your own rejection letter. I am hope that you will find direction and a story to write. You have the talent.

    1. Thanks Henry! No, I’m not discouraged at all, but I was feeling a bit down that day. I said I’d post how my path goes, and that includes my doubts. I believe everyone has those days, but hopefully more positives than negatives! I have more positives, but it seems I write better (or at least more) on my down days. It helps cheer me to get those emotions out on paper.

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