5 Reasons Kitties and Computers Don’t Mix

I am the proud pet of 8 wonderful kitties (well 10, temporarily).  All of the below have actually happened to me except the first, which happened to an acquaintance of mine, so I thought I’d share the wonderful joys of mixing kitties and computers:
1)  Laptops are warm and if given left alone, soon kitty will curl up on top to sleep and:

2)  Kitties LOVE to walk on keyboards… to this day I still don’t know why my keyboard sounds a tone every time certain keys are pressed.  I haven’t been able to find a setting anywhere, but at least I know when they turn on my caps lock now!
3)  Kitties like to chase little mice, even when they are on a computer screen.  then they start pawing at said computer screen, leaving wonderful scratch marks
4) It’s always lovely sitting down to your computer and seeing snot bubbles all over your computer screen…aw man who sneezed on my screen this time?!?
5) Last but not least…NEVER turn around to play with the dog when there is a cat on your desk.  No kidding, Artemis went to sleep on my keyboard. I looked up and had a message on Facebook telling me I’d left too many comments and was banned from commenting with a link for more information.  I clicked through the error only to find the comments on my friend’s status looked something like:

and so on.  My cat left over TWO HUNDRED comments on my friend’s status in about two minutes.  The poor girl had set her Facebook to text the comments to her.  I believe it was over thirty minutes later when she told me her phone finally stopped going off.  So glad she didn’t pay per text!
Also, the language on the ban was very indefinite.  Banned for at least 24 hours, but could be longer, however if you attempt to comment in the meantime, your ban will be extended.  Please be patient until the ban lifts.  Well…how the heck do you know when it’s lifted?  I didn’t get any notification, I just kept trying about every 6 hours after I got up the next day.  It was about 26 hours before I could comment again.

What experiences have you had with animals and computers?

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Kitties and Computers Don’t Mix

  1. This is a really funny post.
    I never had any damage done, but my first kitty used to paw at the mouse on the screen alot.
    Come to think of it she did facebook once, but no where nearly as epic as your Artemis.

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