Important Update!!

I’m undecided now as to whether to move the entire blog to or to just have it redirect to here for now.  I’ll post updates as they come.  Of course, opinions are always welcome in the comments below.


For now, I’m taking a week off.  Today is my wonderful daughter’s 20th birthday and she is bringing her son from out-of-state and spending some time with me.  Between work and homework, it’s going to be difficult to get much time with her.  I have two papers coming up due and LOTS of reading, of course! LOL


Anyhow, I want to spend as much time w/ my baby and her baby while they are here, so I guess we could consider this my vacation week!   Happy Valentines day!!  Tell me what you are doing for V-Day in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Important Update!!

  1. No Valentine’s Day plans….maybe some baking, candy making, etc. Oh–we plan on making a tissue paper flower wreath 🙂 Fingers crossed it looks good ….LOL. Enjoy your vacation, have lots of fun (the kind that inspires more stories)
    stacey jo

  2. Candy making sounds like fun! Oh and the paper flower wreath does too. Enjoy that hon, those moments pass so quickly.

    I’ll pass the message to the almost legal-ish child thing when she gets here tomorrow, LOL!


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