Update on my Illness

Thankfully I was able to move up the appointment with the surgeon.  That is the good news.   The bad news is that I will be having surgery on Monday to remove the 3 cm oblong shaped lump in my groin.  The Dr. will then biopsy the lump and get back with me in 3-6 days with the results.

He also found another lump under my armpit.  He acknowledged it but didn’t say if it was cause for concern.  I was too dumbfounded to ask.  I guess right now the larger one is the main concern and if it’s clear we’ll address the other one afterwards.

I’m sorry I didn’t give many more details before.  I didn’t want to worry anyone until I knew if this was a real possibility.  I guess I know now and frankly, I’m scared out of my wits.  Thank you all for hanging in there with me through this very difficult time.


In Remembrance

Just over two weeks ago, I lost my godmother.  She and my mother had been best friends, more like sisters really, for over 50 years.  I guess it sent Mom over the edge, because she died a couple of days ago.  I’m a bit lost right now and worried about my godfather because he’s lost his wife and one of his best friends in such a short time and he’s never lived alone before. 


My mom used to date my godfather as friends and one day they decided to do a double date and each introduce the other to someone else.  Both married the dates they had that night.  July would have been 51 years of marriage for my godparents.  My father died in 1994.  They all had such a beautiful friendship and now Uncle Don is all that is left.  I hope he’s strong enough to make it.


My mother had a rare and very debilitating form of arthritis, so her body has been donated to science.  Maybe someone someday will suffer less because of her.  I hope so. 




It’s worse than I Thought

The illness is hanging with me. I’m going in for more testing between now and April 4th to see how bad it really is. I’ll keep in touch, but slower than I would like because I have so little energy lately.

On a different note: Visa has finally come forward saying that they had nothing to do with PayPal’s decision (supposedly forced by the credit card companies…. the same companies that pay for porn everywhere) to suddenly censor the content on SmashWords where rape or bestiality or incest… obviously targeting authors of erotica.

Discover and MasterCard have yet to come forward, but I think PayPal is hiding behind a lie.

Thankfully today PayPal has reversed some of their requirements. The latest update can be found at http://www.SmashWords.com/press/release/32.

A big thanks to SmashWords for holding out for a solution that didn’t involve blatant censorship!

Getting better, still not 100%

I must say I’ve had the life scared out of me a few times this week.  High fevers. Cold, cold chills. Large, scary lump in my leg.  Lump growing quickly.  Dizziness. Tightness in chest. Shortness of breath.  More fevers.  Sad thing is, I didn’t know it wasn’t a bad Fibromyalgia attack until day 5 when I found the lump and went to Urgent Care and the ER in one day.  Now my poor boyfriend has it too and calls the pain a 9 on a scale of 1-10.  He now has a new respect for my bad days.

Thankfully, it was all viral except the lump and while I am told to expect several more days of illness, I do see light at the end of the tunnel now.  The lump (Lymphadenopathy) is essentially like a bad case of tonsillitis (severely enlarged lymph nodes) only in my leg.  The swelling is going down dramatically today (technically Saturday since I basically slept through the whole day), which is great since I was in the ER for the third time this week with it growing only Thursday.

I’m sorry for the drastic delay.  I never thought I’d be so tired and sick that I couldn’t even read for lack of energy, but I totally was.  My phone was my only entertainment, most of the time I was awake, which wasn’t much.

I missed a mid-term and an entire week of classes.  I’m sure I’m dropping one, if not two.  I just feel I’m missing what I want to be doing for school now and …. since what I want to be doing doesn’t require a degree, why not take it a bit slower?  One class at a time leaves me plenty of time to do what I want and still gets me an education, albeit a bit slower).  My body has definitely told me in no uncertain terms it’s time to slow down, so….

I’ll be back at it in a week or so!! 😀  See you soon!!!