Heading in now

I’m heading to the outpatient center. I hope they give good drugs lol. It’s going to be uncomfortable sitting up afterwards if not.

I had a good friend tell me lots of questions to ask so I could feel comfortable before I go under.

Thanks again for all your support, everyone. I’m a lot less scared than I was before. šŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Heading in now

  1. I’m home and safe. Dr said he took two lymph nodes, but not too concerned about malignancy. I’m going to sleep for a week now lol jk. Blessings too all!

  2. Glad your back home and hope that all checks out OK. I bet you could sleep for a week, that kind of stuff is completely draining on one’s energy.

  3. Get your rest, and take it easy. Remember, if you need to talk, or even if you need someone to listen to you yell in frustration, I am here for you.

    1. Thanks, Anissa. I really appreciate that. I’m may have to take you up on that. You know the door is open both ways too. Holler if you need anything at all! *hugs* ā¤ xx

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