Bad dreams-go away

“I don’t care what he says! He should have thought of that before he slept with Megan!!  Gina, I’m sorry, but I can’t work here anymore.  Not as long as he works here.  I quit.”

Gina looked at her mom. A look was all it took. The silent question in her eyes had to have an answer.

“Riley, I’ll fire him.  Don’t worry, I’ll tell him as soon as he comes in and you won’t even have to see him. Just take the day off and come back tomorrow after you’ve calmed down.

“You can’t do that, Gwen.  You can’t fire him just because he cheated on me.  He can sue you for that.”

“Riley, I…” Riley was gone.  She ran out the door with uncontrollable sobs wracking her body.  Moments later Gina and Gwen heard her car start and leave the small parking lot of the bed and breakfast.

“I was going to say that the only reason I kept him was because of Riley.  I have had plenty of reasons to fire him and I plan to regardless of what she said.”

“I know, Mom. I’m surprised you kept him on for this long.  He’s always such a jerk to everybody.”

“Well good riddance is all I can say.


Gwen enters the room to find Gina still in bed and crying.  “Gina, are you okay?  Do you need anything?”

“I’ll be okay, Mom. I just can’t believe she’s gone!”

“I know.  It’s so sad.  I never should have let her leave when she was crying so hard. I never should have let her drive like that.”

“You didn’t know, Mom.  You couldn’t have stopped her anyways.  You know how she is.:

“Yes, I do.  I just wish I could have done something to save her.  I can’t believe she hit that truck head on.  Do you think it was intentional?”

“No!  She’d never do that!  God, Mom!  Besides, the police said she had so much mascara clouding her vision from all the crying that there’s no way she could see anything. It was an accident.  I just don’t see why she didn’t pull over before it got that bad….Mom?”

“What is it, Gina?”

“Oh…nothing, never mind.”

“Don’t you start.  What is it, Honey? You can tell me.”

“It’s nothing, Mom. I just..I thought I saw something.”

“What did you think you saw?”

“I thought I saw a red light pass over your face.  Just like I thought I saw one on Riley’s face right before she….”

“Oh Honey.”  Gwen sat down on the bed and hugged Gina tight.  “I think you worry too much.  Are you sure you’re going to be okay?”

“Yes, Mom.  Thank you.  I … Mom?”

“What is it, Gina?”

“Your nose is bleeding.”

Gwen touches her face and notices a large wet spot under her nose and starting to drip.  “Oh my goodness!”  she says and runs to the bathroom to clean up.

As she gets to the bathroom she notices the blood is coming faster and faster and, given what Gina just said about the red glow, she panicked.

“Gina, I’m going to run to the hospital around the corner.  Will you get dressed and meet me there?”

“Sure, Mom. Go ahead and be careful.”

Gwen runs down the stairs and out the door.  As she gets to the corner at the end of the block, she gets a little light-headed while crossing the street.  Too late, she noticed the motorcycle coming straight for her.

Gina hears the crash from her driveway and runs to the end of the block, scared of what she’ll see.  When she gets there, mom and the motorcyclist are wrapped together in a mass of bones, skin, hair and blood.  There was nothing she could do.

At this point I woke up from the dream.  Well….there was a little strangeness involving someone asking Gina for calligraphy pens before I actually woke up…  The whole thing was just odd.

Where do you go from here?  Do you ever have dreams like this?  If so, what do you do with them?

I usually don’t, but they do seem to get more frequent when I”m actively writing.

Getting better, still not 100%

I must say I’ve had the life scared out of me a few times this week.  High fevers. Cold, cold chills. Large, scary lump in my leg.  Lump growing quickly.  Dizziness. Tightness in chest. Shortness of breath.  More fevers.  Sad thing is, I didn’t know it wasn’t a bad Fibromyalgia attack until day 5 when I found the lump and went to Urgent Care and the ER in one day.  Now my poor boyfriend has it too and calls the pain a 9 on a scale of 1-10.  He now has a new respect for my bad days.

Thankfully, it was all viral except the lump and while I am told to expect several more days of illness, I do see light at the end of the tunnel now.  The lump (Lymphadenopathy) is essentially like a bad case of tonsillitis (severely enlarged lymph nodes) only in my leg.  The swelling is going down dramatically today (technically Saturday since I basically slept through the whole day), which is great since I was in the ER for the third time this week with it growing only Thursday.

I’m sorry for the drastic delay.  I never thought I’d be so tired and sick that I couldn’t even read for lack of energy, but I totally was.  My phone was my only entertainment, most of the time I was awake, which wasn’t much.

I missed a mid-term and an entire week of classes.  I’m sure I’m dropping one, if not two.  I just feel I’m missing what I want to be doing for school now and …. since what I want to be doing doesn’t require a degree, why not take it a bit slower?  One class at a time leaves me plenty of time to do what I want and still gets me an education, albeit a bit slower).  My body has definitely told me in no uncertain terms it’s time to slow down, so….

I’ll be back at it in a week or so!! 😀  See you soon!!!

My babies have gone again

I loved having my wonderful daughter and grandson here the past two weeks!  Though I didn’t have much time, I spent every minute I could w/ them.  I really hated to see them leave today.


I did miss my wonderful blog and my readers, however I’ve been very ill the past few days and I must crash for now.  I hope you had a glorious two weeks and I hope to see you again soon!!