It wasn’t cancer.  Thank the gods! Source of the infection is unknown as of yet. I am still really tired from the surgery, but I feel worlds better now that it’s out and I know.

I’m sure I’ll be yapping your ears off in no time. 🙂

Nap time!


Heading in now

I’m heading to the outpatient center. I hope they give good drugs lol. It’s going to be uncomfortable sitting up afterwards if not.

I had a good friend tell me lots of questions to ask so I could feel comfortable before I go under.

Thanks again for all your support, everyone. I’m a lot less scared than I was before. 🙂

Update on my Illness

Thankfully I was able to move up the appointment with the surgeon.  That is the good news.   The bad news is that I will be having surgery on Monday to remove the 3 cm oblong shaped lump in my groin.  The Dr. will then biopsy the lump and get back with me in 3-6 days with the results.

He also found another lump under my armpit.  He acknowledged it but didn’t say if it was cause for concern.  I was too dumbfounded to ask.  I guess right now the larger one is the main concern and if it’s clear we’ll address the other one afterwards.

I’m sorry I didn’t give many more details before.  I didn’t want to worry anyone until I knew if this was a real possibility.  I guess I know now and frankly, I’m scared out of my wits.  Thank you all for hanging in there with me through this very difficult time.


In Remembrance

Just over two weeks ago, I lost my godmother.  She and my mother had been best friends, more like sisters really, for over 50 years.  I guess it sent Mom over the edge, because she died a couple of days ago.  I’m a bit lost right now and worried about my godfather because he’s lost his wife and one of his best friends in such a short time and he’s never lived alone before. 


My mom used to date my godfather as friends and one day they decided to do a double date and each introduce the other to someone else.  Both married the dates they had that night.  July would have been 51 years of marriage for my godparents.  My father died in 1994.  They all had such a beautiful friendship and now Uncle Don is all that is left.  I hope he’s strong enough to make it.


My mother had a rare and very debilitating form of arthritis, so her body has been donated to science.  Maybe someone someday will suffer less because of her.  I hope so. 




It’s worse than I Thought

The illness is hanging with me. I’m going in for more testing between now and April 4th to see how bad it really is. I’ll keep in touch, but slower than I would like because I have so little energy lately.

On a different note: Visa has finally come forward saying that they had nothing to do with PayPal’s decision (supposedly forced by the credit card companies…. the same companies that pay for porn everywhere) to suddenly censor the content on SmashWords where rape or bestiality or incest… obviously targeting authors of erotica.

Discover and MasterCard have yet to come forward, but I think PayPal is hiding behind a lie.

Thankfully today PayPal has reversed some of their requirements. The latest update can be found at

A big thanks to SmashWords for holding out for a solution that didn’t involve blatant censorship!

No Comments from the Peanut Gallery!

This is definitely worth the read, worth your time and mine! �Great post!!  It’s all about why you should comment on blogs and what the end results are.  It made a huge difference in my mind.  Thanks for looking!

No Comments from the Peanut Gallery!.

via No Comments from the Peanut Gallery!.

Important Update!!

I’m undecided now as to whether to move the entire blog to or to just have it redirect to here for now.  I’ll post updates as they come.  Of course, opinions are always welcome in the comments below.


For now, I’m taking a week off.  Today is my wonderful daughter’s 20th birthday and she is bringing her son from out-of-state and spending some time with me.  Between work and homework, it’s going to be difficult to get much time with her.  I have two papers coming up due and LOTS of reading, of course! LOL


Anyhow, I want to spend as much time w/ my baby and her baby while they are here, so I guess we could consider this my vacation week!   Happy Valentines day!!  Tell me what you are doing for V-Day in the comments below!


Crystal Blue

Image credits go to

The Eagle soars as Eagles do
‘Neath a sky of Crystal Blue,
And the Wolf whose mournful howls
Are no match for feral growls
Oh the Kitties how they pounce
How they tumble, how they bounce,
See the Ravens crow and dither
As they fly both yon and hither.
All of these can e’er be found
If you only look around.

100-Word Writing Challenge

It’s time again for the 100-Word Challenge from Julia’s Place!

Please make sure you look at the original stories from the challenge as well.  See what Julia says here:

Many of you know about the 100 Word Challenge that is run from It is the original 100 word project and is for children under 16. We desperately need some more folks to comment of these brilliant pieces of work. I would be really grateful if you could add a note and a link on your blogs to encourage your readers to get involved. Many thanks!”

 100-Word Writing Challenge

The prompt this week was “You bought her what”. Julia didn’t want to influence us with punctuation, so you can use the words however you like.  I have posted mine below:



“What do you mean you bought her?  What were you thinking?  The girl is obviously too young for our clients.  And I don’t want to serve that kind of client anyhow! “

“It’s not like that, dude.  Like, I had to save her!”

“Save her? What are you Jesus  f-ing Christ now? I don’t have time to mother an 8-year-old girl.”

“Dude her eyes, if you’d seen that look in her eyes.  Aw you’ll never understand.”

“Understand what?  Try me.”

“I don’t know, she had like…this dead look in her eyes, dude.  I couldn’t leave her with them.”