Insanity Reigns Supreme is ‘One Lovely Blog!’

The Limebird Writers have been gracious enough to award Insanity Reigns Supreme with the ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award!!

How amazingly sweet!  I’m very honored and pleased to accept this award.  The only rule I’m aware of is that any award should be passed on, so here are a few of my favorite blogs, other than the Limebirds, of course:

Edward Lorn: The End is Coming


The Graveyard Press

Ducante Originals

Dave Farmer: Writer, Blogger, Noobcake!

Kim Harrison’s Drama

Congratulations Winners!

PS There may be some unusual, or even scary content in these blogs, so peruse at your own risk.

Sweet Caress

Since I’ve posted a few really dark things lately, I thought I’d post something a little more light-hearted:


Sweet Caress


Silk flows across my skin

Eyes shine like jewels aflame

Ears perk at the sound of your name

Your beauty takes my breath again

Affection grows to climax and

You can’t keep from clawing me…OH!

I caress your fur to make you relax, and

you snuggle next to me.

Hope Fades

Hope Fades In the depths of my heart doth wait

A tiny piece of what once was

The hope for love undyingly true

The longing for someone so much that it consumes you

The need so intense it fills your soul


How much pain and loneliness can one stand

Emptiness so deep it could fill the universe

I long for your touch I want to feel your warmth for eternity

But it isn’t what you want


Hope fades.

That love doesn’t exist

Review: On Writing

On Writing
On Writing by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was phenomenal! I have a very difficult time focusing on and staying with anything non-fiction, but this was very entertaining and kept my attention. I finished it quickly because it’s light and easy to understand and has some humor sprinkled in. It also gives some in-depth insight into the life of the “King”. If you ever wondered why he writes what and how he writes…this will give you a much better understanding.

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Suicide Nightmare

Sadness permeates my being  and I don’t know why
Images of guns and brains flying
Leave me alone!
I don’t want you and I won’t do it!
I’m a good person and I want to live!
Please haunt me no more

“You don’t belong here,” a voice whispers
“You don’t fit”

“Worthless failure”

“Give up and give in”

Again and again

It’s time to win!

Writing On the Go

YAY! I’m a new Limebird Writer! Yep, they have accepted me! I am very privileged to be a new member of the team!

Limebird Writers

What tools do you use for your writing?  When you are out and about, do you carry a pen and notebook?  Are there other tools you find useful?

Personally, I’m still a notebook kinda gal, but I also have a DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) that can integrate with Dragon Naturally Speaking (If I can ever afford to get the software LOL).

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Apple to Compete with KDP Select?

Rumors are flying today about a Press Conference Apple will be holding later this month regarding a new software release.  The rumor-mill says the new software is Apple’s answer to Amazon‘s KDP Select: An exclusive self-publishing incentive for indie authors.  As yet there are no details, but Mark Coker of Smashwords says of the rumors:

Apple has a unique (and in my opinion extremely successful) approach to content acquisition in which they complement their own self-publishing platform with a carefully selected list of recommended aggregators. Smashwords been on the list since the iBookstore’s launch. All of the aggregators are subject to ongoing audits where Apple scrutinizes every aspect of our business for our ability to serve their publishers, and if any of us don’t make the cut we’re dropped from the program.


Frankly if they do decided to try to compete with Amazon (which won’t be much of a competition once the KDP Select participants see how low the actual payouts are, in my opinion) I hope they do a much better job giving Indie authors the payout they deserve.  Leave a comment telling me what you think.




New Picture – Writing Prompt

The new picture above actually came with this theme, and I think it’s very lovely, so I decided to make a writing prompt out of it. My story is below, what is yours?

A young couple took a walk just in the morning dawn. The morning mist still hung in a thick curtain over the water, but they decided to walk by the lake anyhow. As they neared the bridge, the light shone through the fog as it lifted. The man grabbed his camera and took a picture. He showed the picture to his beloved and said.

“I took this picture so that we could remember the mist that sometimes clouds our lives. Since meeting you, the mist has vanished from my life and I can see a clear future for the first time. You’ve made my life complete and I want to spend forever with you.”

Then he bent on one knee and placed a ring on her finger. “Please help me keep the fog of daily living from clouding my life again. Your smile means the world to me and I want to see it for the rest of my life. Marry me.”



Please share your story too, if the picture inspires you, and please share this post, so we can get a lot of stories going here!  I’m excited by the traffic I’ve received lately, let’s see if we can’t get some interaction going.  Thanks to everyone!!