No Comments from the Peanut Gallery!

This is definitely worth the read, worth your time and mine! �Great post!!  It’s all about why you should comment on blogs and what the end results are.  It made a huge difference in my mind.  Thanks for looking!

No Comments from the Peanut Gallery!.

via No Comments from the Peanut Gallery!.

Insanity Reigns Supreme is ‘One Lovely Blog!’

The Limebird Writers have been gracious enough to award Insanity Reigns Supreme with the ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award!!

How amazingly sweet!  I’m very honored and pleased to accept this award.  The only rule I’m aware of is that any award should be passed on, so here are a few of my favorite blogs, other than the Limebirds, of course:

Edward Lorn: The End is Coming


The Graveyard Press

Ducante Originals

Dave Farmer: Writer, Blogger, Noobcake!

Kim Harrison’s Drama

Congratulations Winners!

PS There may be some unusual, or even scary content in these blogs, so peruse at your own risk.