In Remembrance

Just over two weeks ago, I lost my godmother.  She and my mother had been best friends, more like sisters really, for over 50 years.  I guess it sent Mom over the edge, because she died a couple of days ago.  I’m a bit lost right now and worried about my godfather because he’s lost his wife and one of his best friends in such a short time and he’s never lived alone before. 


My mom used to date my godfather as friends and one day they decided to do a double date and each introduce the other to someone else.  Both married the dates they had that night.  July would have been 51 years of marriage for my godparents.  My father died in 1994.  They all had such a beautiful friendship and now Uncle Don is all that is left.  I hope he’s strong enough to make it.


My mother had a rare and very debilitating form of arthritis, so her body has been donated to science.  Maybe someone someday will suffer less because of her.  I hope so.