Important Update!!

I’m undecided now as to whether to move the entire blog to or to just have it redirect to here for now.  I’ll post updates as they come.  Of course, opinions are always welcome in the comments below.


For now, I’m taking a week off.  Today is my wonderful daughter’s 20th birthday and she is bringing her son from out-of-state and spending some time with me.  Between work and homework, it’s going to be difficult to get much time with her.  I have two papers coming up due and LOTS of reading, of course! LOL


Anyhow, I want to spend as much time w/ my baby and her baby while they are here, so I guess we could consider this my vacation week!   Happy Valentines day!!  Tell me what you are doing for V-Day in the comments below!


So my daughter says to me about her son…

Daughter:  Here you go, I have a present for you (hands me the baby)

Me:  Ah, a wet present.  Thanks!

Daughter:  Really? Again?  He’s awfully adventurous with that penis of his.  And I don’t mean in a sexual way

Me:  Well I would think not

Daughter:  Well, I don’t know, he’s already been in bed with a man and a woman

Me:  Other than mom and dad, I take it?

Daughter:  Yep!

Me:  your roommate and?

Daughter:  Nope, I mean others his age, (roommate’s daughter and their friend’s son).  He likes the best of both worlds!

Crazy Cats

Okay new mental note. Never EVER leave the cats in the room while eating Clam Chowder.  It took me several moments to get Zeus (9 weeks old) to go away so I could even begin to eat my chowder.  As I neared the end of the bowl, I looked away for one moment, suddenly Lestat (nine years old, solid black) has his nose in my bowl…upon seeing this, Zeus darts across me and tries to take his shot at the bowl as well!