NaNoWriMo Project – Day 30 is here!

Woot!  10195 words!!  Granted not the 50k I had hoped for, but having to take that second job and getting maybe 5 hrs of sleep a night (in two 2.5 hr shifts) hurt badly.  I still consider this a HUGE victory because of working two jobs and being in school part-time, because of my lack of discipline in any other project I’ve ever taken on….besides the fact that I’ve never ever written before!!  I’m so happy I got so much done and I can’t wait to continue!!


I plan to take this project very seriously even now that NaNo is over.  I’ll take a week break to get past finals then pick it back up.  I’m going to try something different.  I’d like to open this up for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.  I’m still very new and would love to know ways I can improve my writing.  Besides that, it’s time to learn HOW I will take the criticism. Will I run screaming?  Will I accept it graciously and use it productively?  Or will I do what I’m doing now and crash and burn since I’m running on only three hours of sleep?  Time will tell.


Blessings everyone! Thanks for reading!!!